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Places you can wear wristband.


As a wristband company, we get a lot of requests for our bands. We also get a lot of questions. For instance, people ask us: “Why do we need wristbands?" or “Where could I wear this?”

To that we say, anywhere and everywhere! Wristbands are a wonderful investment since they can capture moments, commemorate a memory, or collect an event from the past and keep it in the present, much like a photograph.

If you’re not sure where you can flash off your very own silicone wristband, here is a list of eleven places where you can wear yours.

1.) Home

First and foremost, home is where you can wear your wristband all day, every day. There are no boundaries - you can wear it to bed, while cooking, even in the shower. Be careful, though, since friction and water can rub off ink on certain band styles.

2.) Work

Wearing a wristband inspired by your company or office is a great way to sport your wristband. Most companies do this for “swag” and to sell merchandise at trade shows. You can easily advertise or support your brand by having it on your wrist.

3.) Concert or Festival

Concerts and festivals bring thousands of people together, but it can be chaotic. Wristbands make organization for these kinds of events easy and colorful.

The popular kind of wristbands for concerts and festivals are Tyvek wristbands. Their durable wear and easy-to-cut material makes it long-lasting for concert and festival-goers, allowing them to focus on dancing and singing their hearts out.

Wristbands are commonly used at festivals and concerts.

4.) Organization

Organizations, much like charity groups or non-profit organizations, profit from wristbands. Wristbands for organizations are passed out at booths, conventions, etc. so they can spread awareness. Check out our Spotlight Blog to see our awareness articles and the topics we create wristbands for.

They also are a great tool to fundraise and help raise money. These are passed out with organizations, as well. Anywhere you go, you may see wristbands being sold at fundraising events with certain organizations.

5.) School

Much like concerts and festivals, schools can also be busy, messy, unorganized. Creating wristbands for students helps organize them in an efficient fashion. These are not only great for teachers but also for students, with the colorful aspect of the bands creating a fun and inviting environment.

6.) Marathon or Running Event

Marathons are popular for wristbands. Most silicone rubber wristbands have built-in watches for runners.

You can have your wristband have an inspirational quote to keep you running, or a message customized for someone or an organization you are running for. You can even put pace markers on your wristband to keep your mileage on track.

Marathons runners are wearing silicone wristbands.

7.) Overseas

Another way to wear wristbands is while overseas. A big example of this includes those that are in the military. Wearing a wristband regarding a soldier or their branch of service allows you or a loved one to feel close to them. The same goes for a soldier overseas wearing something related to where they're from - it grants them a way home without going home.

In addition, wearing them on cruises and other vacation spots make it a fun vacation item.

8.) Night Out

Have a big night out planned? Make it memorable by designing a silicone wristband for the occasion! From birthday parties to bachelorette parties to a girl’s night out, these wristbands are fun for the night owl. You can even brighten up the dance floor with glow-in-the-dark bands.

Great examples include Girl’s Night Out, Ashley’s 21st Birthday Bash, and Marge’s 50th Celebration.

9.) Hospitals

For most, hospitals are a daunting place. A sick family member or loved one may stay for months at a time. This is why wearing wristbands manufactured specifically for a loved one can be a great support system.

Wearing Fight Cancer bands or the name of a loved one are a couple of examples of when you can wear your wristband.

10.) Reunion

Reunion’s - you either love them or hate them. But, at the end of the day, all you have is family, so why not commemorate it with a wristband? You could customize them by putting your family’s last name or the date of the reunion.

High school reunions, as dreadful as they may be, are another option to make a reunion wristband. Just make sure not to dwell on the past (you know how high school is).

11.) Memorial/Funeral

Last, but not least, you can create memorial wristbands, and we receive many orders for this kind. Commemorating loved ones can be done in many ways, and creating your own memorial wristband around the event can be a touching way to memorialize a friend or loved one.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know where you can wear your wristband, order yours today! Choose from thousands of clip art options and various colors, and make sure to follow us on social media to show yours off. Wristbands tell stories, and we're excited to share yours.

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