A police officer standing. Celebrate national police awareness by purchasing a wristband.

When you think of a job, you think of 9-to-5, sit-at-your-desk monotonous work. Life is defined by cups of coffee, clocking in, and weekly meetings.

For a police officer, life is very different.

For a police officer, their day shift is at night. Criminals are as common as an email from your boss, and a risk of never going home once they are at work is a living reality. Even their training involves skills with a gun and levels of situational techniques. Police officers become the soldiers on the streets of America, ensuring we are safe on our soil.

There are good cops, bad cops, and even really bad cops. Controversies among police officers have arose in the past few years, increasing subjective, mixed attitudes towards our armed forces. But no matter the perceptions on these national heroes, one thing remains: they are here to serve and protect the people.  

To celebrate all that the police force accomplishes every day, we put together the different ways to honor your active members of duty and raise awareness.

National Police Week

The best time to raise awareness and devote gratitude towards the police force is during National Police Week, which happens from May 12th to May 18th. During this week, around 25 - 40,000 attendees participate. (1)

At the event, police officers engage in an Annual Blue Mass, a 5K, Cadet Ceremony, K-9 Memorial Service, Bike Ride, Candlelight Vigil, and other events. This week is for police officers and remembering those that have passed.

Police week infographic.

Thank a Police Officer

An act of kindness, simple and pure, that anyone can give. Thanking someone for their service can go a long way, and giving thanks to a police officer for risking their lives every day to do their duty is a selfless act for these citizens. This also shows people that a little goes a long way, and that the more they see thanks being given, the more they will likely do it themselves.


Another great way to show gratitude is to volunteer at your local police station. With death and safety on the line, getting daily tasks out of the way is the key task of volunteering. They have many duties that need assistance, such as: (2)
  • Fingerprinting
  • Neighborhood speed checking
  • Check abandoned vehicles
  • Home safety checks for those on vacations
  • Bike patrols
  • Logging evidence
  • Locate and recover surveillance video

And many more. Call or visit your local police station and get started volunteering asap!

Give Back

If you can’t volunteer or participate during National Police Week, there’s another way to show gratitude: giving back. To give back is to come from the heart, and what says love more than homemade gifts?

From cookies to thank you cards to care packages, sending a law enforcement officer a homemade gift contains personal, sentimental value, telling the officer that you truly care from the heart. This can not only improve their day, but remind them that what they are doing is impacting their environment.

police-officer (1)-1

Buy Merchandise

Buying merchandise is a great way to raise awareness for the police force. Buying products that advertise the police force shows others that you’re a supporter, and even buying from companies that support the police force donates towards the force.

For example, Relentless Defender, a non-profit merchandise company founded in 2014, sells police officer gear for police officers and those related. The best part about them is that they are police veteran-owned. All proceeds go to law enforcement charities and a portion of all sales of Thin Blue line flags will go to the families of fallen officers.

At Rapid Wristbands, we have blue-themed wristbands available online. With these colors, you can create your own police-themed wristband. Just click the link below to design your custom wristband today.

Blue wristband that represents Police Awareness.

Final Thoughts

From giving back to saying thank you to merchandise, raising awareness and showing gratitude to the millions of men and women in blue can be an everyday salute. Although they live a complex life, they embody the best of America’s values, on and off duty.

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National Police Week (1)



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