By Claire Bendtschneider

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This week we continue our summer-themed blog post with the one thing we know best - wristbands!

Summer is the season for fun and fashion. But not everything is waterproof. Although there are lots of products that are beach and pool ready - waterproof mascara, phone cases, and even bags - jewelry has yet to make a splash in the world of waterproof products.

This is where we come in. Wristbands, already customizable to fit your fashion needs, are the go-to for waterproof jewelry. Because of the silicone material, water slides right off the band, allowing you to focus on the pool instead of potential damage.

Here is a list of wristbands that won’t wear, tear, or get ruined as you go for a swim or take a day in the sun.

Ink Injected Wristbands

Ink-injected wristbands are our most popular kind of wristband. These wristbands are from the debossed style, but the words are injected with the ink color of your choice. Because it is debossed style, the ink won’t fade from daily use, allowing your message to last longer unlike printed wristbands.

colored ink injected wristbands


Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek wristbands are the best option for summer events such as festivals, concerts, and other high-functioning events.

Tyvek wristbands are the king of wristbands. Since they are made from Dupont material, these bands are impossible to rip during events, but easy to cut afterwards. Not to mention they are equipped for any waterproof function.

red tyvek wristbands


Debossed Wristbands

Debossed wristbands are cousins to the ink-injected band. These bands don’t require ink, the message is engraved into the silicone wristband. With no ink on the band, the risk of the ink fading way over a long period of time decreases 100-fold.

The difference between debossed and ink injected bands is that ink injected allows the message to stand out further.

blue debossed wristbands


Embossed Wristbands

Unlike debossed, embossed wristbands features a raised message. They have the same function as the embossed, but the message sticks out from the silicone band.

purple embossed wristbands

Blank Wristbands

Last but not least, the one wristband that won’t fade any message at all - blank wristbands. Because there’s no message to put on the band itself, you aren’t at any risk for the ink to fade over time.

In addition, we have multiple designs and colors to choose from to spice up your blank wristband.

blank rainbow wristbands


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