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You're meeting your mates at the local pub for a quick pint on St Patrick's Day when you enter and realize you aren't wearing green. You search your clothes for even a speck of emerald, but find none. You sigh and prepare to be roasted and pinched. You might even have to pick up the bar tab now!

Of course, that scenario will never happen if you remember to order your own customized wristbands. They're a great way to show your pride on St. Patrick's Day and enjoy yourself!

Why do we wear green on St. Patrick's Day?

The most widely recognized tradition of St. Patrick's Day is for everyone to wear something green. This can be traced back to St. Patrick's own account of a vision he claimed to receive of Jesus wearing an emerald green robe.

After relating the account of this lucky vision to others, they took the sign and began to wear the color in honor of his tale.

Who was St. Patrick?

It'll surprise you to learn that St. Patrick wasn't from Ireland.

St. Patrick was a British missionary who found himself converting pagans in the 5th century AD. Unfortunately, he wasn't having much luck on his search for conversions at first!

The Legend of St. Patrick

Today, St. Patrick is best known for two legends; driving the snakes out of Ireland and popularizing the shamrock as a sort of sign of the Holy Trinity during his attempts at converting pagans. Saint Patrick has even appeared on Irish currency.

This is why St. Patrick's Day is a celebrated day of merriment, where men, women, and children join together and wear shades of emerald on the occasion for prosperity and luck!


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The luckiest thing to do on St. Patrick's Day is wear green wristbands! It's a great way to prevent from being pinched and gives you a chance to show how much you love wearing green.

Any sort of green items might also be a great way to learn about Saint Patrick. You might use the holiday and its associated items as one of the themes for your wedding!





St. Patrick's Day wristbands are better than Sterling Silver St Patrick's Day bracelets

They might be a common sight at weddings, but if you've ever worn sterling silver bracelets, you know how quickly they can tarnish. Silicone wristbands are much more resilient to scratches and scrapes than sterling silver bracelets or necklaces and still look good for years!

It's also worth noting that silicone wristbands are flexible, which makes them easier to put on and take off than sterling silver bracelets. Plus, they're affordable enough that you can order a few different color combinations to match your mood or the occasion!

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The Irish always wear green to the party on March 17 to celebrate, while many people wear shamrocks and clovers and other items on their lapels and dress in green clothes or ribbons.

Being able to turn anything and everything green is why we wear it on March 17th! People search the clothes of others for even just a touch of green, because without it you're susceptible to pinching!

But there's more than just luck of the Irish behind our love for all things green on this day! The color traditionally symbolizes new life, growth, and prosperity. The sight of green reminds us of the coming Spring and the end of Winter. It's no wonder why we wear it every March 17th!

So, take advantage of our 17% OFF for Saint Paddy's and get yourself a customized wristband that won't leave you picking up the tab at the pub this year!

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