By Brooks Franciotti

Graphic of the gold ribbon for raising and spreading childhood cancer awareness around the world in the fight against cancer

What is the Children's Cancer Symbol?

The symbol used for Childhood cancer is the Gold Childhood Cancer ribbon. Metallic Gold wristband showing a childhood cancer awareness slogan for childhood cancer awareness month.

On occasion, childhood cancer may also be represented by a yellow-gold or yellow ribbon, though it currently shares that particular cancer ribbon color with general cancer awareness.

The gold cancer ribbon has seen increased usage in recent years as a unique way to give childhood cancer awareness a universal symbol of support.

What is Childhood Cancer?

Childhood Cancer is an umbrella term applied to various types of cancer that develop in young children and adolescents, with some affecting children as young as age two.

Examples of Childhood Cancer include, but are not limited to:

  • Leukemia

  • Bone Cancer

  • Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors

  • Lymphoma and Neuroblastoma

Leukemia is one of the most common forms of childhood cancer, accounting for an estimated 28% of all diagnoses. (1)

Understanding Childhood Cancer Statistics

Childhood cancer statistics are a stark reminder to parents of the urgent need for awareness and research. Every year, thousands of children are diagnosed with cancer, and it's crucial to comprehend the scope of the issue to drive change.

Methods of Prevention and Early Detection

While some childhood cancers may not be preventable, awareness and early detection play a vital role in improving outcomes. Understanding risk factors and promoting regular medical check-ups can make a significant impact.

Hope for the Future: Advances in Treatment

Advancements in medical knowledge offer hope for improved treatments and outcomes. The gold ribbon signifies a commitment to investing in research and innovative therapies to give every child a fighting chance against cancer.

When is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month?

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month occurs every September.

Image showing a September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month campaign event to raise awareness and fund research

Spreading Awareness: A Global Campaign

Raising awareness about childhood cancer is a global campaign. From gold lapel pins to awareness events, communities and organizations come together to increase understanding and advocate for crucial research and support.

Using the color of a precious metal such as gold helps this particular awareness ribbon stand out, so that it's even easier to spread awareness for a disease that affects so many adolescents around the world.

Graphic of the Gold Childhood Cancer Ribbon design to be used on wristbands and other items to raise awarenessGold Ribbon: Quick Facts

  • Ribbon Color: Metallic Gold

  • Pantone Code: 871C

  • Hex Code: #84754E

  • Rapidwristbands Color: Metallic Gold

What color is the ribbon for cancer?

This is a simple question with a relatively complex answer. But that's why we're here!

It can unfortunately be difficult to find concrete information on the many, many cancer ribbon awareness colors and their associated disease awareness ribbons. That's why we've started this series explaining some of the more commonly used ribbon colors.

Whether it's the pink ribbon used to increase awareness for breast cancer, the yellow ribbon for general cancer awareness, the red ribbon for blood cancers, or the gold ribbon for childhood cancer awareness discussed in this article, we want our customers to have a resource of information for what can often be an overwhelming and difficult subject.

Using Cancer Ribbon Wristbands to Spread Awareness

We want to make it as easy as possible for families and organizations to raise the support they need during difficult times.

That's why we love helping our customers create wristbands for their causes. They're an easily identifiable way to raise awareness for something in a way that stands out.



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