It's that time of the year when the summer heat cools into an autumn wind and the blue of the water is replaced with the red of the leaves. 

School is on the horizon.

Insert Jaws theme music here. 

For students, this means field trips, lunches, recess, a project or two. Maybe 10.

For teachers? Lesson plans, organization, grading. 

Among the new exciting beginnings of the school year, there are field trips and events planned, fundraisers organized, and sports games scheduled, just to name a few. What better way to prepare than with wristbands?

From organization to promotions to advertisement, learn how wristbands are a key item to make your school year the best year yet. 

Classroom Organization


Teachers, planning is already stressful enough. Why make group projects and assignments difficultly hard when you can make it easier with organization?

Besides stickers, assigning numbers, or alphabetizing, colored wristbands are a perfect solution for organizing your classroom. Whether it be for organizing your student roll call list, group projects, or the occasional fun assignment, using colored bands as a tool allows you to keep an easy eye on the classroom while the kids have fun with their new wristbands! 

For instance, one teacher used colored cards to separate her classroom into groups, and the rest of the year, those students stayed within their color group for group assignments, table seatings, and class projects. 

School Field Trips


School field trips - a great break from the day-to-day humdrum of school but an organizational nightmare. While the kids are running around, it’s your job to account for each student without losing track of time and of the trip itself. 

Before you pull your hair out just thinking about it, why not consider using a wristband? They’re a colorful, physical alternative to the typical roll call technique, and your kids can even keep them after the trip is over.

It’s an organizational tool for you, and a keepsake momentum for them.

School Fundraisers



No matter what school you go to or work at, fundraisers happen. Whether they are selling cups, Christmas wreaths, or pens, fundraisers benefit awareness groups and other causes. This helps students be proactive for the betterment of the world while giving the school credentials for being awareness-conscious. 

Wristbands help with that, too! By either selling wristbands or promoting the cause on a wristband, others can know instantly that your school is one of the many raising awareness. Wristbands are perfect messages for promoting awareness and it can be done in any style, color, and idea.

Other ways you can help fundraise is through car washes, bake sales, and Battle of the Bands. 


School Events


In tandem with field trips are the scheduled school events. I remember when I was in school, there would be the occasional meetup in the auditorium or a guest speaker in the cafeteria. We would be let out by classroom, kids filling the hall in a matter of minutes. With the mass of bodies occupying the halls, it’s easy to get lost or lose a student in a matter of seconds. 

If these students were wearing wristbands, it would make it easier to locate students whenever necessary! If that one student does get lost, or you can’t find your class, just look for the colored wristband designated to your class or group, and then you can continue to your next destination. 

Not only that, but in the past, I’ve seen wristbands made for events that mark a special occasion. It isn’t every week that a guest speaker comes or D.A.R.E., a week of saying no to drugs, comes along. Why not make it more memorable with a tangible reminder on your wrist? 

Other events that could benefit from wristbands include:

  • Field day
  • School Spirit day
  • Graduation Prep day 
  • Half-day celebrations



School wouldn’t be school without the presence of sports. And that’s coming from me, a has-been theatre geek. But in all seriousness, if classroom organization is key, then assembling students for sports is a beast. Much like the categories above, custom rubber wristbands can be key to your organizational success. Sports events such as: 

  1. Tryouts 
  2. Conditioning camps
  3. Groups during PE
  4. Games

These can all benefit from using a wristband. All you have to do is find an organizing plan that works for you, assign each group a wristband, and the rest is history. 

In addition, custom rubber wristbands are great for your team. You can show support, rep your team, and be your school’s biggest fan when you design your wristband with a message. So many school’s sell merchandise with their logo or team’s slogan - why not make your own?


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a teacher, coach, administrator, substitute teacher - whatever it may be, wristbands can be your new lifeline. 

From printed wristbands to tyvek wristbands to vinyl wristbands, you can order as many as you want with no order minimum. All you have to do is click the button below to order your rubber wristbands (our wristbands are latex-free!) and be prepared for another eventful school year.


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