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Summer Camp Activities

(Jun 5th 2024)

How to create fun summer camp activities that will keep kids entertained! (Click Here to jump to “How To Enhance Your Summer Camp Activities and Memories with Custom Wristbands")

Winning Strategies: Student Council Campaign Ideas with Custom Wristbands

(Jun 14th 2023)

Understanding the Role of a Student Council Member Before we delve into some innovative strategies for our candidates' election campaigns, it's crucial to understand the role of a student council member. In essence, a student council serves as the student body's voice. The council represents the.

Feeding The Cats With MPH Wristbands

(Feb 24th 2021)

What exactly is an MPH Wristband? If you are a track coach or athlete you might have heard about or seen MPH (Miles Per Hour) Wristbands on the wrists of fellow runners. Track teams and programs across the country are promoting these speed bracelets to encourage competitiveness between athletes. We.


(Jul 6th 2020)

Why Wristbands Are Cool for School

(Jul 29th 2019)

It's that time of the year when the summer heat cools into an autumn wind and the blue of the water is replaced with the red of the leaves. School is on the horizon. Insert Jaws theme music here. For students, this means field trips, lunches, recess, and a project or two. Maybe 10. For teachers?.

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