By Brooks Franciotti

Silly-cone Holidays - All the October Holidays You Need to Know about!

Here at RapidWristbands, we get wristband design inspiration from the big holidays just like everyone else... but what about the lesser-known ones?

Let's dive into this month's calendar!

October 1

International Coffee Day

Begin October this Sunday with the brew that wakes us up and warms our souls!

Image of homemade cookies representing the National Homemade Cookies Day holiday

National Homemade Cookies Day

Nothing beats the aroma of freshly baked cookies. Why not whip up your favorite batch and share with a friend or neighbor? It's the perfect complement to that coffee!

International Day of Older Persons

An opportunity to appreciate the seniors in our lives. Their wisdom, experience, and stories enrich us every day.

October 2

National Name Your Car Day

Start your first Monday of October by personalizing your ride! Whether it’s a zippy little racer or a trusty old friend, give your vehicle a name that reflects its personality on this holiday.

October 3

National Butterfly and Hummingbird Day

Flutter and flit, it's a day to recognize nature's most delicate dancers. Celebrate the vibrant flutter and dance of nature’s wonders as gardens come alive with their playful energy.

National Boyfriend Day

Hats off to the the boys this Tuesday! It might even be a good day to treat him to tacos (hint: National Taco Day is coming!).

October 4

Image of a plate of tacos for National Taco Day

National Taco Day

Who can resist a tasty taco? Be it crunchy or soft, Wednesday October 4 is the perfect day to indulge in this culinary delight.

October 5

World Teachers Day

This school day, show some love to the educators who guide and inspire us! Their lessons often extend far beyond the classroom.

National Be Nice Day

A simple smile or a kind gesture can be all it takes to make someone's day. Go the extra mile today and spread some positivity!

October 6

Image of a coach and his athletes for National Coaches Day

National Coaches Day

Friday October 6 is a national day for recognizing those who not only train us to work harder, but also motivate and inspire. Their encouragement pushes us to achieve our best.

Speaking of coaches, check out the blog on our popular MPH bands to get the perfect motivational tool for your athletes!

October 7

Famous Birthday - Yo-Yo Ma (Cellist)

Celebrating the maestro of strings! Yo-Yo Ma’s enchanting cello melodies have resonated across concert halls worldwide, captivating audiences with every note. On Saturday October 7, we applaud the man who made classical tunes contemporary again.

October 8

Image of a Goosebumps book celebrating the Sunday birthday of the author R.L. Stine

Famous Birthday - R.L. Stine (Author)

Reader beware, you're in for a... birthday? R.L. Stine, the author behind the best spooky stories from our childhood, was born on October 8, 1943. Seems appropriate for the mastermind of children's horror to have a birthday during Spooky Season.

Famous Birthday - Sigourney Weaver (Actor)

Happy birthday to this queen of sci-fi! Whether fighting off Xenomorph nightmares or navigating the landscapes of Pandora, Sigourney Weaver's stellar performances have always been... out of this world!

October 9

Indigenous Peoples Day

Originally established as a counter-celebration to the federal holiday of Columbus Day, this second Monday of October honors the rich histories, cultures, and contributions of indigenous communities across the U.S. While Columbus Day has been a federal holiday since Congress passed the resolution 1934, recognizing the day Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas, there has been a growing national movement to shift the focus towards indigenous narratives and experiences, particularly given the profound impacts and consequences of colonization on these communities.

Several states, cities, and institutions have chosen to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day, highlighting indigenous resilience, heritage, and rights. At the national and federal level, while Columbus Day remains a recognized holiday, various congressional bills and local proclamations have been introduced over the years to officially recognize the holiday. The broader aim is not only to offer a more inclusive history but also to acknowledge past injustices and the vibrant cultures that continue to thrive today.

International Beer and Pizza Day

Quite possibly the best combo ever? This Monday, celebrate October 9 with your favorite slice and a cold brew.

October 10

Graphic promoting the World Mental Health Day holiday on October 10

World Mental Health Day

Mental health matters.

Today, Tuesday October 10, remember to make time for your own well-being and check-in on friends and loved ones. For more info, head over to our Mental Health Awareness blog.

October 11

National Coming Out Day

Celebrated on October 11, National Coming Out Day is a beacon of hope, strength, and unity. It marks the continuing journey of the LGBTQ+ community in their fight for rights and acceptance. This national day serves as a reminder that every person's story and identity deserves acknowledgment and celebration.

National Fossil Day

Delve deep into the world of pre-history and discover the remnants of ancient life! Check your local museum or park to see if they have special events or exhibits this October 11!

October 12

Famous Birthday - Hugh Jackman (Actor)

From the vibrant streets of Broadway to the comic book world of the X-Men films, Hugh Jackman has shown his versatile prowess as an actor. This October 12, we celebrate the birthday of the man who's been both a Marvel legend and a song-and-dance sensation!

October 13

Photo of an antique baseball on an antique baseball glove, representing the 1903 World Series that ended on October 13

This Day in History - Boston wins the very first World Series (1903)

Swinging back in time 120 years, the Boston Americans, now known as the Red Sox, made baseball history on Tuesday October 13, 1903. They clinched the very first World Series title, setting the stage for more than a century of baseball legends and unforgettable moments.

October 14

Image of a Teddy Roosevelt statue, representing the incident on October 14, 1912 in which he delivered a speech despite having been shot

This Day in History - Teddy Roosevelt delivers a speech after being shot (1912)

Demonstrating unparalleled grit and resilience, Teddy Roosevelt made history on October 14, 1912 when he proceeded to deliver a speech even after being shot in the chest. An assailant attempted to assassinate the former president as he was about to address a crowd during his third-party run for another presidential term. Unfazed and showcasing his indomitable spirit, Roosevelt declared, "It takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose," referencing the symbol of his Progressive Party. He then went on to speak for nearly 90 minutes with the bullet still lodged in his chest.

October 15

National Pug Day

A nod to these wrinkly-faced bundles of love. Their snorts and playful demeanor bring joy to many!

October 16

National Sports Day

October is a sports lover's dream in the U.S. With the MLB playoffs in full swing, football seasons heating up, and basketball and hockey just getting started, there's no shortage of action to enjoy!

World Food Day

October 16 sees a global nod to the sustenance that nourishes us and the hands that cultivate it. World Food Day raises awareness about hunger, food security, and the importance of robust agricultural policies. As we savor our favorite dishes, let's also remember the significance of equitable food distribution and sustainable farming practices for a healthier tomorrow.

October 17

Image of various pastas, representing National Pasta Day on October 17

National Pasta Day

From spaghetti to penne, pasta delights palates worldwide! It's the perfect comfort food for a cozy Autumn day.

October 18

National Chocolate Cupcake Day

Sweet, fluffy, and oh-so-chocolatey! Indulge in this delightful treat that’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

October 19

Famous Birthday - John Lithgow (actor)

With roles that range from the eccentric to the profound, John Lithgow's October 19 birthday is a celebration of acting brilliance. Our recommendation from his filmography? Check out his villainous role in The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension!

October 20

Graphic promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, and by extension National Mammography Day

National Mammography Day

October 20 serves as a reminder of the importance of mammograms in the early detection of Breast Cancer. Check out our blog on Breast Cancer Awareness Month for more info.

October 21

National Back to the Future Day

October 21 isn't just any date on the calendar for movie buffs. Recurring in all three "Back to the Future" films, it's most notably the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown touch down in 2015 in the second installment. Fans around the world celebrate with nostalgia, hoverboards, and a bit of time-travel daydreaming.

October 22

Image showing a variety of nuts for National Nut Day on October 22

National Nut Day

From almonds to walnuts, it’s time to appreciate these crunchy snacks. Packed with nutrients and flavor, they're great in dishes or on their own.

October 23

National iPod Day

Celebrating the little device that transformed how we listen to music. Launched on October 23, 2001, Apple's iPod revolutionized the world of portable music. The sleek design, user-friendly click-wheel, and impressive storage made it an instant icon. This October, rewind to those early digital days and appreciate the evolution of music on-the-go.

October 24

Image showing the United Nations building in New York City with international flags outside

United Nations Day

Marking the anniversary of the United Nations Charter's ratification in October 1945, this international day celebrates the global commitment to peace, cooperation, and development. As member nations come together, it serves as a reminder of shared goals and aspirations. On this international day, we reflect on the UN's achievements and recommit to building a brighter, united future for all.

October 25

International Artist Day

Celebrate the creators who fill our world with color, emotion, and imagination. Dive into some art today!

October 26


National Pumpkin Day

As Halloween nears, the pumpkin reigns supreme. Whether carved, baked, or brewed, it's a staple of the season. This Thursday on National Pumpkin Day, carve an extra Pumpkin in anticipation of the spookiest October holiday!

October 27

Image of a black cat resting on its back on a sofa

National Black Cat Day

October 27 gives us a special nod to the sleek and often enigmatic black cats in our lives. While they might be traditionally associated with superstitions and Halloween lore, it's a less-known fact that black cats are often the least adopted at shelters. This national day shines a light on their unique charm and advocates for giving these beautiful felines loving homes, dispelling myths and promoting adoptions.

October 28

National Make a Difference Day

Make October 28 a day to spread awareness of volunteerism and doing good, showing that even small actions can have a big impact.

Image of a paramedic in uniform in front of an open ambulance

National First Responders Day

Saluting the brave individuals who are first on the scene in emergencies. Their dedication and bravery are unparalleled.

October 29

National Cat Day

From cuddly tabbies to majestic lions, today's all about feline appreciation. Maybe even give a nod to their Halloween black cat counterparts!

October 30

Image of candy corn for National Candy Corn Day on October 30

National Candy Corn Day

A sweet precursor to Halloween. Love it or hate it, this tri-colored candy is iconic.

October 31


As October winds to a close, we reach the spookiest night of the year: Halloween on October 31. A culmination of autumnal festivities, Halloween is a magical time of costumes, candy, and captivating tales. From carved jack-o'-lanterns glowing on porches to children's laughter echoing in the streets, it's a celebration of imagination, mystery, and community spirit, even when it falls on a school day!

Image of Jack-o-lanterns and other Halloween decorations

As we bid farewell to October and its myriad of special days, let's carry the enchantment and joy of Halloween with us, setting the tone for the festive season ahead.

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