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PTSD Awareness: The Ins and Outs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

(Jun 18th 2019)

The mind is a dangerous thing. It can make a decision in a split second, fall in love, choose from right and wrong. It also can manipulate our worst experiences into everyday life. PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, is a condition where the brain recovers from trauma with prolonged symptoms,.

The Different Kinds of Wristbands in the Industry

(Jun 13th 2019)

A few weeks ago, we talked about all the different styles you could order from Rapid Wristbands. Because wristbands serve many functions and come with many different features, we thought we could step up and talk about the different kinds of wristbands that are in the industry. Read below to find.

Men's Health Awareness

(Jun 11th 2019)

They say that women live longer than men. Men, I'm sorry to say that it's true. According to NCBI, “countries with established socio-economic order women live on the average 4-7 years longer.” (1) From disease to problems with stress to food choices, the mortality rate for men increases with a.

Where You Can Celebrate Pride in Houston

(Jun 6th 2019)

On Tuesday, we dived deep into the origins of Pride, and how the Stonewall Riots changed the course of history. But today, we are going to cover the best part of Pride: where you can go to celebrate it! In every city, there’s a parade, festival, concert, or all of the above available for anyone of.

The History of Pride Month and Raising Awareness

(Jun 4th 2019)

As Lin-Manuel Miranda once said, “And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside." Hate seizes our attention every day, plain and simple. From terrorism to animal abuse to mass shootings, evil occurs on our screens and creates a dark cloud on our.

All About Tyvek Wristbands!

(May 30th 2019)

This week for our wristband blog post, we go deep into Tyvek wristbands and explore the many uses it has. At Rapid Wristbands, we sell 8 different kinds of wristbands (see latest post for details!) But what you may not know is that we also sell Tyvek wristbands: multi-faceted bands that can be.

Living with Lupus and Raising Awareness

(May 28th 2019)

Out of all the diseases we’ve raised awareness for, this one, by far, has to be the most life-threatening one we’ve encountered. Lupus, an auto-immune disease, is when your body’s immune system attacks its own tissue. This means that at any time, the system that fights disease and other harmful.

Our Different Styles of Custom Wristbands

(May 23rd 2019)

Big or small, bright or dark, wristbands come in all shapes and colors. But did you know they also come in different styles? Most of our customers who request wristband orders from us ask for a wristband, and don’t mention what kind they want. This is when we get to tell them that they can choose.

Raising National Police Awareness

(May 21st 2019)

When you think of a job, you think of 9-to-5, sit-at-your-desk monotonous work. Life is defined by cups of coffee, clocking in, and weekly meetings. For a police officer, life is very different. For a police officer, their day shift is at night. Criminals are as common as an email from your boss,.

Wristbands Perfect for the Summer

(May 17th 2019)

This week we continue our summer-themed blog post with the one thing we know best - wristbands! Summer is the season for fun and fashion. But not everything is waterproof. Although there are waterproof mascara, phone cases, and even bags, jewelry has yet to make a scene in the world of waterproof.

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