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Three Ways Wristbands Can Help Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

(Oct 14th 2019)

Breast cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in the United States, affecting 1 in 8 women, and 1 in 900 men(1). You likely know so

Human Trafficking: Help Build Awareness Through Wristbands

(Sep 30th 2019)

6 Ways to Spread Child Abuse Prevention Awareness

(Sep 23rd 2019)

Kids see in technicolor. Life is measured in laughs, trips to the park, and daisy crowns. They know no fear until the monster under their bed creeps out at night.

How You Can Place Your Purchase Order For Wristbands

(Sep 16th 2019)

You can make many orders at Rapid Wristbands, but one that may benefit you the most are purchase orders. If you are a school, government agency, or an entity, a purchase order may be perfect for you. Purchase orders are available for government agencies, schools, and inclusive for all federal,.

Stop Bullying (Anti-Bullying) Wristbands: Help Build Awareness ASAP!

(Sep 9th 2019)

In middle school, I was one of only two kids with red hair. There was a gorgeous, popular girl with long auburn hair that had fiery highlights, and then there was me: a short, skinny skater kid with hair that looked orange in the sun, and like fire engine indoors. I was an instant target for.

The Story Behind the Eric Cleveland Memorial Team Wristbands

(Sep 2nd 2019)

At Rapid Wristbands, we value the story behind a wristband because behind each wristband is a kaleidoscope of memories. The impact of the event can fall in a wristband.  In the past, we’ve had many different kinds of wristbands inspired by events. For example, we’ve had the Houston Zoo use rubber.

4 Great Reasons Why You Should Place Add-Ons With Your Order

(Aug 26th 2019)

The other week we introduced to you wristband keychains, and how you can turn your wristband into the best household item you could have. So, for this week, we decided to expand on it and remind you of all the additional add-ons we have!  We offer four different items: individual bagging,.

Turn Your Wristband into a Keychain!

(Aug 19th 2019)

From Tyvek to silicone, ink-injected to vinyl, we got you covered for any wristband need. We have different colors, logo and art options, and many other styles. It’s safe to say we are custom wristband experts. But did you know we also sell keychains?

Why Wristbands Are Cool for School

(Jul 29th 2019)

  It's that time of the year when the summer heat cools into an autumn wind and the blue of the water is replaced with the red of the leaves.  School is on the horizon. Insert Jaws theme music here.  For students, this means field trips, lunches, recess, a project or two. Maybe 10. For teachers?.

How You Can Get a Wristband When You Visit This Dinosaur Exhibit

(Jul 22nd 2019)

Have the adventure of a lifetime in just one weekend. From May 25 to September 2, witness Jurassic Park come to life in Houston, Texas. 

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