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Raise Childhood Cancer Awareness Through Wristbands

(Feb 27th 2019)

When people think of superheroes, they think of Batman. Superman, or Spiderman. Maybe even Deadpool. When I think of a superhero, I think of a kid with a gold ribbon near his heart; I think of a child with cancer. No amount of lollipops, stickers, or toys can keep malicious cancer at bay. It is as.

Thyroid Cancer Awareness Through Wristbands

(Feb 14th 2019)

It’s already scary to have trouble breathing, swallowing, or constant pain in your neck. And more often than not, it goes away. But for some living with thyroid cancer, it’s an everyday reality. If you have thyroid cancer, or know someone who does, knowing what to expect can help you and your loved.

Help Build Down Syndrome Awareness Through Wristbands

(Jan 30th 2019)

In 2001, my life was forever changed. That’s when my first child was born. I will never forget it. I was with my wife as she labored for over 24 hours, and then there is this beautiful baby girl. I wept. I did not expect tears, but I was so overwhelmed by this beautiful creature that I instantly.

How Wristbands Help With Hurricane Harvey Research

(Jan 23rd 2019)

When you think of wristband, does LIVESTRONG pop in your head? What about hurricane research? Well, thanks to their low cost, easy transport, shelf-stable components, wristbands are now the perfect sampling device among researchers and health specialists. And this season, it's helping Houston's.

Raising Awareness of Animal Cruelty Through Wristbands

(Jan 16th 2019)

No matter who you are, it is safe to say your furry friend is the light of your life. They’d do anything for you, and you do everything for them. But what happens when the best friend you’ve ever had was hurt? We have lived around animal cruelty for a long time, and it still remains a harsh.

Raising Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness Through Wristbands

(Jan 11th 2019)

If you’ve ever seen The Big Bang Theory or Forrest Gump, you’ve seen firsthand a fictional representation of what Asperger Syndrome or Autism can be like. It can also be loud, bright, over-charged. Over-heightened. A lot. Being on the spectrum can be high-functioning, confusing, and isolating. It.

Suicide Awareness: Spread it Through Wristbands (Bracelets)

(Jan 9th 2019)

There’s no easy way to begin this post. To lose a loved one is tragic, but to lose one to suicide is nightmarish. There is no age, group, or sex discrimination - it happens to anyone, being the 10th leading cause of death among all age groups. This is why we want to help build awareness and help.

Raising Mental Health Awareness Through Wristbands

(Jan 4th 2019)

Alarm goes off. Rush to work. Study for test. Work out. Sleep. Be social. Every day, we do most, if not all, the actions above in order to maintain a lifestyle. But soon enough, we go on overdrive and we ultimately become overwhelmed. A busy, stressful like can take a toll on our mind, body, and.

Silicone Wristbands by Rapid Wristbands

(Dec 28th 2018)

Welcome to Rapid Wristbands!

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