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Parkinson's Disease: Raise Awareness with Wristbands

(Apr 23rd 2019)

  Well, everyone. The last of our April awareness month blog posts are here. This week we’re covering a condition that is national - it affects over one million people in the United States - and there is no cure (as of yet, but fingers crossed tight). Two of these people affected are a couple of.

May the Fourth Be With You

(Apr 18th 2019)

There are many holidays in the month of May - Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day. But one holiday that’s important as all others, that only comes once a year, is May the Fourth. What is May the Fourth? It’s Star Wars day. Here at Rapid Wristbands, we are big Star Wars fans. The novels are in.

Testicular Cancer Awareness Wristbands

(Apr 16th 2019)

When the LIVESTRONG brand came to be, wristbands became the hot ticket item in sales. Not only was it a major symbol of all kinds of cancer awareness, it represented Tour-de-France winner Lance Armstrong and his own journey - his time with testicular cancer. Since then, Lance Armstrong has become.

A Guide to Wristband Color Meanings

(Apr 11th 2019)

Welcome to our second wristband blog post! Thank you for joining us as we navigate this new adventure of blogging. We are so glad to share this with you. Because we love our customers, we decided this week to give you a guide to our colorful wristbands. Each color listed is a glimpse of all the.

11 Places You Can Wear Your Wristbands

(Apr 4th 2019)

  As a wristband company, we get a lot of requests for our bands. We also get a lot of questions. For instance, people ask us: “Why do we need wristbands?" or “Where could I wear this?” To that we say, anywhere and everywhere! Wristbands are a wonderful investment since they can capture moments,.

The 5 W's on Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer and How to Spread Awareness

(Apr 2nd 2019)

George Harrison, Michael Douglas, and Sigmund Freud are infamous legends in their own respects. George Harrison with music, Michael Douglas with movie acting, and Sigmund Freud with his mind. But besides infamy, they all have one unfortunate thing in common - they all had some form of Oral, Head,.

How to Increase Your Alcohol Awareness Days Before April

(Mar 27th 2019)

St. Patrick's Day has come and gone, and with it, the green-colored celebrations, the outfits, the alcohol. So what happens when the famed holiday becomes a lifestyle? But just because St. Patrick’s Day is over doesn’t mean the drinks go back on the shelf. For many out there, alcohol is the.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Nutrition Awareness

(Mar 20th 2019)

"If you are what you eat, then I don’t remember eating a sexy beast this morning” is what we all say in the bathroom mirror. No? Okay. But, in all seriousness, whether you are the healthiest person on the planet, or you eat a carrot once every blue moon, there are always ways to better your eating.

Brain Health Awareness: Take Care of Your Brain!

(Mar 13th 2019)

  The brain is a complicated thing. It is filled with billions of neurons firing at every second, connecting and processing information at an alarming rate. It even has the capacity to generate approximately 23 watts of power when we wake. Doctors and physicians have studied the brain for years and.

Sleep Awareness: Start Counting Sheep and Stop Losing Sleep

(Mar 6th 2019)

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love sleep. 6 hours to 8 hours to 10 hours. 15! From the second we hit our head on that pillow, we enter a realm of temporary darkness from which there are no responsibilities, worries, or cares. But, sometimes, we sleep and dream of our worries. We have.

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